Golden Mammoth is a Malaysian band that has captivated audiences
since their formation in 2015. The band consists of a talented group
of musicians, including Syabil Alyahya on vocals and lead guitar, Que
Azeem on drums, Hadeef Azlan on bass, Ojay Kushairi on the keys,
and Low Hao Zhe on rhythm guitar. 


The history of Golden Mammoth sparked when Syabil began making music in his bedroom, prompting the release of 1 EP and 2 albums. Venturing into the music scene, he met Que, Ojay, Hadeef, and Hao and invited them to join the band. The band bonded right away, thanks to their chemistry and continued to play together.

Over time, the band's musical style evolved, with each album serving as a showcase for their development and experimentation. Complex instrumentation, soaring melodies, and introspective lyrics that explore themes of self-discovery and human nature define Golden Mammoth's sound. 

Golden Mammoth's impact on the Malaysian music scene has been undeniable as the band performed at numerous festivals and shows, including regional shows such as Baybeats Festival in Singapore in 2019, and toured in Indonesia the same year. 

Golden Mammoth's latest album, released in November 2023, epitomizes the band's ongoing evolution and adventurous spirit. With intricate instrumentation and profound emotional depth, this release propels their musical prowess to new peaks.