Golden Mammoth's third album, 'GM', transcends mere music to become an odyssey of sound and emotion, a vivid tapestry woven from the threads of Psychedelic-Rock's rich history. In the crucible of the studio, over five intense months, the band has distilled their influences and the spirit of counterculture into a singular, evocative experience. Each track emerges as a masterpiece of artistry, where lyrical profundity meets intricate, labyrinthine instrumentation.



  1. Tied Up
  2. Apologetick
  3. Places
  4. The Holy War
  5. If Only
  6. Nostalgia
  7. On The Roof
  8. People (Feat. Leaism, Khodi, Dani Komari)
  9. To Say
  10. Good Morning (Feat. Imaniac)



Performed by Syabil Alyahya (Track 1-10), Que Azeem (Track 1-10), Uzayr Kushairi (Tracks 1-2,4-7,10), Hadeef Azlan (Track 1,3,5-7,9-10) Low Hao Zhe (Track 2), Mr. Wolf LNF (Track 3), Jes Ishmael (Track 3), Leaism (Track 8), Khodi (Track 8), Dani Komari (Track 8), Imaniac (Track 10)

Written by Syabil Alyahya (Track 1-10), Hadeef Azlan (Track 8), Imaniac (Track 10)

Produced by Syabil Alyahya, Golden Mammoth

Mixed by Hadeef Azlan

Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg

Artwork by Irfan Aljuffry