Metaphoric Quadraphonic is Golden Mammoth’s first album released that consists of 12 tracks exploring synthesizers, sappy pop vocals, groovy bass lines while blending both acoustic and whirring electric guitars in most of the tracks. The album was executed as a heavy 60s psychedelic soundscape with a modern touch.
In 2017, the band released their single from the album titled “Malicious Judicious” known by it’s groovy bass line and the blues scales in Syabil’s guitar work.




1. Peer Pressure
2. The Massive Influx
3. Sir John Mcdougal Garden 4. Ivory
5. Malicious Judicious
6. Wrong State of Mind
7. The Lion Whispers
8. In Your Ears
9. Mellow zone
10. Changing
11. Grinning
12. Metaphoric Quadraphonic



Written, recorded and produced by Syabil Alyahya
Except ‘Ivory’ (Co-written by Aidil Rostam) and ‘Wrong State of Mind’ (Co-written by Asyraf Tarmizi)


Mixed, Mastered and Artwork by Syabil Alyahya Additional booklet photographs by Golden Mammoth




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