Skyscraper Towards the Sun is the second full length album by Golden Mammoth after 3-years of break from ‘Metaphoric Quadraphonic’. It is a Neo-Psychedelia album, but a slightly more diverse experimentation mixing the roots of Syabil’s music taste in Rock, Prog-rock, Prog-pop, Blues, Funk, and smooth jazz.

The album’s concept and storyline explores on Syabil’s train of thoughts, being a young adult in the 21st century. Hence, the lyrics and song writing has different themes throughout the album. He recites dealing with anxiety, death, abandonment, capitalism and isolation. In result, these thoughts stack up into a massive skyscraper, (a metaphor of the obsession of humans constructing tall buildings).



1. Weeping Water
2. Phaedo
3. Lap of Luxury
4. Ominous
5. Soulless
6. Diaspora
7. Galeia’s Touch
8. Skyscraper Towards the Sun
9. Wishful Mortal


Written, recorded and produced by Syabil Alyahya Additional drums by Que Dean
Track 9 co-written by Jes Ishmael

Mixed by Michael Badger
Mastered by Pandji Dharma
Album artwork by Gunkbudi
Additional booklet photographs by Transhallow